frequently asked questions
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Q: Where do you invest?

We believe exceptional companies are built everywhere and have no geographical restrictions. We’ve made investments across five continents so far and continue to invest globally.

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Q: What do you invest in?

We take a generalist approach and aren’t afraid to invest in teams building undreamed-of things on the fringe.

The 21st century will be one of humanity’s most dynamic yet, and new world-beating companies are being built across sectors; our past investments have ranged from orbital manufacturing and zero-carbon aviation to gaming and consumer. 

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Q: How long does your investment process take?

We hate wasting a founder's time and aim to go from the first meeting to a decision in less than four weeks. We currently average just shy of two weeks to make a final decision, and the process can, in some situations, stretch i.e., we need you to meet with an expert in our network. 

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Q: Do you lead rounds?

We’re happy to be the first money-in on a SAFE or other convertible; however, we rarely lead priced rounds. 

Investment Process


How Long Does An Investment Decision Take?

We hate wasting a founder's time. While our process typically takes less than 4 weeks (end to end), we average 12 days to make a final decision.


What Does Your Process Look Like?

Step 1:
One or two founder calls to learn about the team, product, business model, etc. Occasionally, we'll ask you to meet with a domain expert in our network.

Step 2:
Associates are assigned for deeper diligence. They'll organize additional calls, dive deep on specific areas the your business,  perform market and trend analysis, and provide their final feedback and recommendation to the investment committee.

Step 3:
The investment committee meets to discuss, agree on terms, and informs the company of our intention to move forward.

Step 4:
Our legal team reviews all final purchase agreements, corporate docs, etc. Once approved, everything is sent for signature and money wired.

Step 5:
We help you grow! Upon request, our expert network of former founders, operators, growth marketers, and technical experts become available to help your company succeed.


Do You Lead Rounds?

We rarely ever lead rounds. Instead, we prefer to co-invest alongside trusted investors in our network.


Do You Have A Preferred Investment Instrument?

We prefer priced equity or SAFE rounds. It's not a deal breaker, but we tend to shy away from convertible notes.


Do You Invest In Specific Geographies?

We believe exceptional companies are built everywhere. As such, we're geography agnostic and have invested in companies across 4 continents (so far).